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SERP Conf. 2022 Aftermovie


Meet The speakers at SERP Conf. 2022

George Georgiev

Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant

Plamen Popov

Digital Marketing & SEO Expert

Peter Nikolow

CEO at Mobilio

Trifon Boyukliyski

Founder of Page Rules LTD

Teodora Petkova

Content writer & Author

Svetoslav Petkov

Technical SEO Manager at Spotlight Sports Group

Boryana Nikolova – Popova

Founder of divna Tech

Elizabeth Kukusheva

SEO Expert at Verto Digital

Grigor Pavlov

Owner of SEO Web Design

Lily Grozeva

Organic Growth Service Lead at Verto Digital

Vladimir Dragiev

Managing Partner at ID Consult

Teodor Zahariev

SEO Manager at Studio Kipo

Vasil Toshkov

Founder of Cloxy

Discussion panels

Panel 1: Let me tell you a Story

  • Topic 1: "The road to freedom or how to get started in SEO affiliate marketing" - George Georgiev
  • Topic 2: "SEO Affiliate Domination (How to Win Always)" - Trifon Boyukliyski
  • Topic 3: "A blonde in the digital world / about the power of the (SEO) community!" - Boryana Popova - divna

Panel 2: Technical Stories

  • Topic 1: "Video SEO - Why and how to host your videos yourself?" - Vasil Toshkov
  • Topic 2: Case Study: "Launching a new (old) media site" - Vladimir Dragiev
  • Topic 3: "Log file Analysis" - Peter Nikolow

Panel 3: Content Stories

  • Topic 1: "Organic growth through content: Challenges and solutions" - Lily Grozeva and Elizabeth Kukusheva
  • Topic 2: "Beyond the SEO Content in the times of E-A-T & Helpful content" - Plamen Popov
  • Topic 3: "Marketing through knowledge, not content" - Teodora Petkova

Panel 4: Experiments

  • Topic 1: "SEO for News Publishers - Google News Case Study" - Svetoslav Petkov
  • Topic 2: “From 0 to 500 visits per day for 6 months with a budget of BGN 1,000” - Grigor Pavlov
  • Topic 3: “Internal Link Lab, every SEO's secret weapon” - Teodor Zahariev

Video reviews

SERP Conf. supports the "Operation: Teddy Bear"

Since 2022, SERP Conf. supports the cause "Operation Teddy Bear", which stands for a better future for talented underprivileged children. We are happy that we were able to donate the funds, raised from the workshops held during the conference, to this great initiative.

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SERP Conf. 2023

The past event inevitably left a mark on the community and everyone involved!
We are grateful to colleagues in the industry who believed in our mission.
See you again in 2023!