Boryana Nikolova – Popova

Founder of divna Tech
Her name is Boryana, but in circles, she is known as divna… If you ask her, the name doesn't matter.How does it fit into the digital world? - without wanting to, but coincidences always come with a dose of danger and charm for her. Her collision with this world is head-on, and the damage is significant.Her success story goes through sweat, blood, and tears, but her happy ending was made possible by the hands of people in the SEO community.For her, the story is about how we can all do more together, that the community is built by us and makes us stronger - beginners and experts alike. Boriana believes that we all need this community, and it is up to us to have it.She believes it is right to give to the community as the community has given her. She wants to lay a stone in this building, which is also why she participates in SERP Conf. 2022!"The community phenomenon..." she says. - "...we were competitors, but we acted as a team and helped each other - we all won. We all win when our community pulsates and grows!"