SuperHosting.BG is the largest and the fastest growing hosting company in Bulgaria. We provide complete hosting solutions, domain registration, online SaaS platforms and other tools that help you easily grow your business online!

We believe our solutions are more than just services. Therefore, our aim is to help you create and develop your online presence successfully. We provide secure web hosting infrastructure and 24/7 technical support for more than 200 000 websites. Our priority is and will always be maximum security and top speed for our clients’ websites.

We understand the importance of gaining our customers’ trust. Our around-the-clock support will not let any issue stay unresolved. We strive to give our best. Our service goes beyond our responsibilities because our ultimate goal is to help our customers.

We treat others the way we want to be treated – simple but true! It is not important for us to be the best. We strive to help our customers be the best!


The choice of a strategic hosting partner is essential for the business. We work very hard to remain top-of-mind as a reliable hosting partner. We appreciate your trust and are committed to give you the best value for your money. By entrusting SuperHosting.BG to be your hosting provider, our customers receive 24/7 tech support, outstanding customer service and security.

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