iGaming.com is driven by honesty and transparency. Transparency in the information we provide, honesty in how we rank and review the best betting platforms.

We are a people-first company, with hundreds of staff based in myriad places. We have offices in Berlin, Varna, Amsterdam, Miland and Netanya (with more planned) as well as a network of talented and passionate freelancers in various locations around the world. 

Since our inception in 2011, iGaming.com has operated on a simple logic, assemble a team of betting experts, and let them produce the content they believe is most helpful to the reader. Professionals from various backgrounds and all walks of the betting world, including casino, poker, sports betting, daily fantasy sports, and more.

The plan worked, and that team of experts has grown rapidly in the 12 years since our creation, and we intend for that growth to continue until subsequent decades.

The iGaming.com

From the second we got our experts together for the first time, the overriding theme has been the same, transparency. Back in 2011, there were very few comparison sites giving an honest and open breakdown of betting sites to prospective players. We realized that was what we needed to be doing, and – perhaps more importantly – what we wanted to be doing.

We are incredibly passionate about introducing the intrigued to the wonderful world of iGaming, and we believe that introduction should be made with a special focus on honesty, openness, and transparency.
The combined knowledge and attention to detail of our skilled team results in comprehensive and objective reviews, rankings, and comparisons of the top names in iGaming in various jurisdictions. From European markets to the US, Canada, and more, we aim to provide the best possible source of information for everywhere online gambling is possible.

Thanks to our desire to produce the highest-quality content that is of the utmost use to players, we have, in turn, been able to enhance lead generation, bringing more traffic to operators, resulting in more registrations for them.

The way we operate means everybody wins, the operator gets more customers, the player gets a firm understand of the best gaming site for their needs, and we get to do what we love most, sharing our love for the iGaming world.

We do this because we love it, and we will continue to grow, continue to evolve, and continue to improve to ensure that those who share our passion will have the best possible resource for all their iGaming needs. The clue’s in the name, we’re the one-stop shop for those who want or need information or any or all things iGaming.

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