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Welcome to arte.doc Translation Agency: Your Bulgarian language service provider

We, from arte.doc, are more than just a language service provider – we’re your strategic partner in breaking down language barriers and unleashing the true potential of your online presence. As the proud sponsor of SERP Conf., we understand the pivotal role that precise and culturally tailored translations play in the world of SEO, E-commerce and Digital Marketing. 

Allow us to introduce you to our world of linguistic excellence and digital transformation.

Our Expertise

With 23 years of industry leadership, we have honed our skills and expanded our offerings to cater to the dynamic needs of the SEO, E-commerce and digital marketing community.


Our core services revolve around ensuring that your message transcends borders and resonates with audiences worldwide:

  • Website Translation: Our expert linguists ensure that your web content speaks fluently to your international audience while maintaining the essence of your brand.
  • Machine Translation Post-Editing: Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, you can use AI for translations but they will always need professional review. Our experts edit machine-generated translations to meet the highest linguistic standards, combining the efficiency of automation with the precision of human expertise.
  • SEO Keyword Localization: Our specialists and native speakers not only translate your keywords but also localize them to ensure maximum impact across cultures and languages.
  • E-commerce Translation: In the world of online retail, trust is currency. We guarantee that your product descriptions, terms, and policies are crystal clear to potential customers, no matter who and where they are.
  • Software, Platforms, and Apps Translation and Localization: In the digital age, software knows no boundaries. We specialize in translating, editing and localizing software, platforms, and apps, ensuring a seamless user experience for your global audience.
  • Marketing Translations: Marketing is all about the message. Our team crafts translations that capture the essence of your marketing campaigns, ensuring they resonate globally.
  • Web Content: Content is king. No matter if you have used ChatGPT to create it or not, our expert linguists translate or edit your blog articles making sure they are engaging and informative for your target audience.
  • Video Transcription, Subtitling and Dubbing: Videos are a universal language. Our subtitling services make sure that your visual content speaks to everyone, regardless of their native tongue.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that a single mistranslation can cost you not only customers but also your reputation. That’s why we employ a rigorous quality assurance process, including translation, editing and proofreading in order to deliver flawless content every time. We have developed our own system – ARTE 5E “Guaranteed quality translation” that is applied to every translation and editing (MTPE) project.


Translating Success One Word at a Time

At arte.doc Translation Agency, we take pride in being the bridge that connects cultures and businesses. Every word we translate, every message we convey, contributes to your journey towards global recognition and prosperity. 

Our work is more than just translation; it’s about enabling your success in the global arena.

Let’s explore the world of possibilities together.


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