Stefka Georgieva

Founder & CEO at ADvantage
Stefka is an experienced digital marketer, strategist, and consultant passionate about driving tangible results and empowering businesses to grow through her ADvantage Digital Agency.Stefka has had her feet deep into the digital marketing world for the past 9 years. She’s done it all - from project management to the role of a PPC specialist and content creator, both in-house and in different agencies. Throughout her career, she’s worked with 80% of the largest e-commerce companies in Bulgaria, strategizing and executing successful marketing campaigns in more than 14 international markets.Now she’s on to the next challenge. She’s the founder of ADvantage - a digital agency that prides itself on its transparent work process, satisfied clients, and excellent work ethic. She and her team are on a mission to transform the digital marketing landscape and help many more businesses grow.