Olesia Korobka

CEO & Head of SEO at Fajela

Olesia Korobka is an SEO entrepreneur with a background in media advertising. She highly prefers actionable and practical stuff that will result in more leads, sales or other measurable results for the business. Adores technical SEO and testing everything.

15:10 - 16:30

12.10.2023 Agenda SERP Conf. 2023

Panel 4: Python & SEO


Dido Grigorov (Serpact) & Olesia Korobka (Fajela)



Judith Lewis (DeCabbit Consultancy)



  1. "The even more important role of Python for SEO Actionable Analysis in 2023" - Dido Grigorov
  2. "Internal Linking Engineering with Python" - Olesia Korobka