Kalin Karakehayov

Founder at Seo.Domains and Edoms.com

Kalin Karakehayov is one of the founders behind the innovative startup,
Edoms, which has quickly risen to prominence as a leading provider of
SEO value domains. With over a decade of experience in both the SEO and
domain industries, Kalin is recognized as one of the most respected
names in the field.

Through SEO.DOMAINS, Kalin and his colleagues has made high-quality
domains that offer exceptional SEO value accessible to businesses and
individuals. His expertise in identifying domains that can significantly
boost search engine rankings has solidified his reputation as a trusted
resource in the industry.

In summary, Kalin Karakehayov’s contributions to the SEO and domain
industries, through Edoms and SEO.DOMAINS, have established him as a
respected authority, with a track record of delivering tangible results
for the numerous clients seeking to enhance their online presence and
drive higher traffic to their websites.