Ivan Panteleev

Ivan Panteleev

Partner & CDO at XploraBG
Ivan Panteleev is а Partner and Chief Dynamics Officer at Xplora BG - an integrated digital marketing agency. He is also the co-host of the Xplore marketing podcast, where they already has over 130 episodes with top business and marketing professionals in Bulgaria.

Ivan is responsible for properly analyzing the business processes of a company, creating the specific scope of a project, prioritizing and structuring a project within the agency so that it can reach the team in the most correct way, and the corresponding correct implementation of the project. The agency's clients include Helecloud, Wienerberger, Ariana, Skoda, Nedelya Pastry, Medix, Schneider Electric Bulgaria, Schneider Electric Israel, Tombou, Aladdin Foods, Libresse, and others.

In addition to his experience at Xplora, Ivan has experience as an Account Director at the ilyan com agency, where he was responsible for a team of 8 project managers, where together they helped drive the digital presence of many top Bulgarian and international projects. Separately, he has experience in developing larger web projects for top international clients, including Genting Singapore, ChaosGroup, Roobar, Associated Press, etc.

Outside of his work at the agency, Ivan has been teaching digital marketing for the past 6 years at universities such as the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University, MBBU, and Xplora Academy.

He graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at Sofia University and completed a summer MBA program at UC Berkeley and Babson College in 2011.

Apart from that Ivan has many hobbies. Most of all, he loves to travel with his family, play soccer, travel around Europe for sport fishing, and film all fishing (and not only) adventures. For over 6 years, he and a group of friends have been developing their YouTube channel, CarpDays, and sharing their travels around Europe for sport fishing and developing this hobby in the country.