Georgi Nenov

Founder of „Свръхчовекът с Георги Ненов“

Georgi Nenov is a youthful individual brimming with enthusiasm and a firm belief in the power of courage, persistence, and the right environment to achieve one's aspirations. He graduated from 91 NEG and UNWE and embarked on a career that led him through various international companies in Bulgaria, including AECOM Ltd and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH. He even spent over a year in Hamburg, Germany, working at the Lufthansa Technik headquarters.

He created "Свръхчовекът с Георги Ненов" (The Superhuman with Georgi Nenov), one of the most listened podcasts in Bulgaria, in the summer of 2016 inspired by the new environment he found himself in. Without any previous experience in content creation and journalism, but with the help of a tablet, a friend, a lot of enthusiasm and enviable perseverance, he managed to record and broadcast over 340 episodes of the podcast within the last 7 years, reaching over 30,000 Bulgarians worldwide.

In early 2018, Georgi made a bold decision to leave his secure corporate job and return to Bulgaria, dedicating himself entirely to contributing to the country's development through his podcast and other entrepreneurial ventures. Apart from co-hosting other podcasts, Georgi is always eager to share his knowledge and experiences with others, aiming to foster more high-quality projects within Bulgaria.

During his free time, Georgi diligently balances his commitments to his fiancée, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, fitness, reading, audiobooks, and his cherished motorcycle.

Georgi identifies his willingness to take calculated risks, which he aptly terms "courage," as one of his superpowers and the cornerstone of the success of "Свръхчовекът с Георги Ненов".

His personal mission is to inspire people to believe in themselves through the most influential external mechanism — leading by personal example.

We are privileged to have him as the host of SERP Conf. 2023!