Svetlozar Dimitrov

Co-founder and CEO of
Svetlozar Dimitrov was born in Pleven, but since 2010 he lives and develops his business in Ruse. He graduated with a master's degree in business administration at the Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.He has accumulated over ten years of experience in the field of cross-border delivery and fulfillment services as co-founder and CEO of The company is the Bulgarian specialist in the delivery of shipments from online stores to their customers in international markets.To this day, the independent international network developed by for the delivery of online orders covers all EU countries. It operates in partnership with over 50 premium courier companies and 13 fulfillment warehouses. As a result, the company's customers are already over 500 international online stores.In recent years, the company managed by Svetlozar Dimitrov has succeeded in doubling annually the number of shipments processed by it, respectively its revenue from sales. was also awarded by Forbes for innovation in 2022, and in 2023 it was included in the list of 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times.