Meet The hosts and moderators at SERP Conf. 2023

Georgi Nenov

Founder of „Свръхчовекът с Георги Ненов“

Judith Lewis

Founder at DeCabbit Consultancy

Evgeni Yordanov


Dimitar Dimitrov

Founder and CEO at Inbound.BG

Meet The speakers at SERP Conf. 2023

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

Founder and Owner of the Holistic SEO & Digital

Hristina Mangelova

Head of SEO & Content Marketing at Growth Skills

Peter Nikolow

CEO at Mobilio

Olesia Korobka

CEO & Head of SEO at Fajela

Craig Campbell

SEO Trainer & Consultant at Craig Campbell Company

Maria Georgieva

SEO Manager at Payhawk

Kalin Karakehayov

Founder at Seo.Domains and

Natalia Witczyk

Freelance SEO consultant

Dido Grigorov

Head of Content Department at Serpact

Begum Kaya

Founder & SEO Consultant at BK Solutions

Meet also The special guest of SERP Conf. 2023

Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska

President of the Chamber of Digital Economy in Poland

Meet also The hosts of SERP Conf. 2023

Nikola Minkov

Founder and CEO at Serpact

Larisa Ivanova

Project Owner of SERP Conf.

Borislav Arapchev

SEO Strategist

Donika Miteva

Marketing Expert at Serpact, SERP Acad. & SERP Conf.

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