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  1. Step – go to cart, or click on “Buy a Ticket” – this step will take you to the cart, where you will be able to proceed to paying, using Stripe. Be sure to check our Terms and Conditions first. 

  2. Step – After the payment is done you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address.

  3. Step – After the verification is complete, you will get a second email with your “key”, which serves as a “pass” with your account.
  1. After purchasing your ticket and verifying your email you’ll receive a “key”. It should look like this: SERPCONF-Zsi8h-BpLPv.
  2. You should be able to go to app.serpconf.com, and enter:
  • Your email
  • The Key from your email as a pass

After entering your correct email and key, click Watch! and you will be redirected to the Stream zone – a safe place where you’ll be able to watch the conference live.

Your account is a special place where you can:

  1. Ask your questions to our speakers – anonymously or not;
  2. Comment and take participation in conversations;
  3. Watch the conference
  4. Receive additional information about the conference, schedule, etc.

(!) Please, have in mind that if you share your personal key with another person, the system will throw you out. (You can watch only on two devices from the same IP address.)

You can verify that your key works now, and when the time comes you’ll be able to see all of the incredible options that it  gives you during the conference.


  • Your email is correct
  • You received the key
  • You’ve tried to enter the platform and you saw something different than a really nice “Hello” from us, please contact us at contact@serpconf.com

We’ll need your email address, your key and will make sure we fix whatever issues you are having in the most helpful way!

If you haven’t received an email after purchasing:

Again – contact us on contact@serpconf.com and we’ll check that for you.

Make sure that you go through Stripe correctly – if you forget some important information, the platform will notify you immediately.


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